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  The Complications of Heart Disease

Heart disease is obviously a serious issue of concern for people of all ages and races. The various forms of heart disease are responsible for more deaths in the United States than any other form of disease. If symptoms of heart disease are not addressed and treated quickly, they can result in serious complications to the person who has suffered them.

If a person suffers from heart disease and does not have his or her symptoms treated as soon as possible, he or she will be more apt to suffer from these sorts of complications. For example, when someone suffers a heart attack, he is suffering from a lack of oxygen being delivered to his heart. This can be the result of a number of forms of heart disease, but it usually results from the most common form, coronary artery disease. This disease is often characterized by a blockage in the arteries responsible for delivering vital oxygen to the heart or by a hardening of the arteries caused by other factors. When treatment is delayed, and unfortunately sometimes even with proper treatment, the heart can suffer a certain amount of damage. When the heart lacks oxygen, parts of the heart muscle may begin to die. This can lead to reduced functioning of the heart and lead to other complications.

It is vital, therefore, to receive treatment for heart disease as soon as possible, and to seek emergency treatment if you are experiencing the symptoms of a heart attack. Other complications can include reduced ability to tolerate exercise. This is because parts of the heart have become damaged and cannot function as well as they could before. Various other complications can include shortness of breath and irregular heart beat, or heart palpitations. Fortunately there are several treatments available today, including new prescription drugs, to help prevent damage from heart disease and to help people who have suffered from heart disease to lead more active and healthy lifestyles. However, heart disease remains the number one cause of death in this country, and in order to prevent serious complications, it is crucial to know its symptoms.