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  Alternatives to Drug Therapy for Heart Disease

If you are someone who does not favor taking prescription drugs or participating in a drug therapy routine, you may find the facts disheartening if you are diagnosed with most types of heart disease.

Aspirin therapy may be a good choice for those who prefer to take as few prescription drugs as possible. Taken once daily, this normal dose of aspirin holds many benefits in the treatment and prevention of heart disease. However, this form of therapy would still exclude people opposed to undergoing a routine of drug therapy.

Some herbalists recommend taking a special mixture of ginkgo, grape, and bilberry extracts. Blended properly with certain enzymes, these herbalists say, the mixture can have the same benefits for your heart as taking stronger prescription medications. However, it is a wise idea to consult your doctor before beginning any type of herbal or supplement therapy, especially if you are also taking any type of over-the-counter or prescription medication. While these remedies may be touted, they are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration for treatment of heart disease and should be used carefully.

Unfortunately, the most common types of treatment for heart disease—and the most effective—are surgery and medications. When used together, these two types of treatment are usually successful. If necessary, you can take prescription treatments for as long as necessary to treat your condition, then ask your doctor if you can begin to gradually stop taking the medications. The most important factors besides surgery and medication are a healthy diet and exercise routine. Leading an active lifestyle can be just as important as any medications you might take in helping to maintain a healthy heart. The treatment of heart disease once you have it is unfortunately not something you can usually turn to natural therapies for. You may require surgery which will inevitably result in a slew of prescription drugs.

However, once you have recovered, you can begin to lead a heart-healthy lifestyle by practicing a balanced diet and getting plenty of exercise. That is best natural alternative to any form of illness or malady.